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Trained Moving Professionals

One of the best ways to ensure that your relocation will go smoothly, is to pick a company that has invested in training its employees. Here at H2H Movers we have made sure to gather a team of movers, who know how to handle all aspects of senior move management.

Services That Cover Everything

To make certain that you do not have to worry about a single thing and have an entirely stress-free experience, you can request the comprehensive services we offer. We will take care of everything so you do not have to lift a finger!

Keeping Your Belongings Safe

We understand how much our clients value their items, so we go above and beyond in providing secure moving boxes with top notch packing supplies, which are designed to keep everything intact. Additionally, all our movers are packing experts as well.

Services You Can Afford

H2H Movers has provided countless clients with impeccable moving services for more than a decade. Our goal is offer affordable relocations to everyone, while at the same time delivering outstanding quality with everything that we do!

Senior Move Management – What You Need To Know

Our Mission To Help Seniors Move

Life makes us face different situations and sometimes we have to meet a difficult transition. Moving out of your family house, which now feels empty and makes you lonely, may still be a tough time for you. We are here to help you with the relocation itself, in order for you to not have to worry about any of that and have a stress-free experience.

We Take Care Of Our Clients

We have placed huge importance on delivering high-quality services to every customer. However, we also understand that every moving job requires a different approach and everyone may have different needs. This is why we will work with you to deliver the exact service you want, tailored to your needs. No need to worry about paying for something you have never requested!

With Us Managing Your Move Is Easy

If you have to worry about organizing every single moving thing on your own, you may find the process extremely daunting. It requires figuring out logistics, finding moving supplies, looking for workers to do your move and so on. Instead, if you choose H2H Movers, we will take care of the entire relocations, without you having to worry about a single thing.

We Will Prepare Everything

Whenever people think about moving, they always reach the point where they start worrying about all the little details. How should items be packed, do you even want them all moved, or should you donate them? What about disassembling the furniture? Do not worry, we can help you with that as well. We can work together with you to make sure that everything is just how you want it to be!

Frequently Asked Questions about Senior Move Management

Do you disconnect appliances?

We do not. You have to get an electrician or a plumber to disconnect your mounted appliances.

Will the movers and/or packers arrive on time?

We are on time for morning jobs. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee on time delivery for afternoon or evening jobs as we do not know how fast we complete the morning job, unless we arrive there. We do our best to have an hour window in between the jobs so if we are late, we are still on time to complete everything.

Are you “insured and bonded”?

We are insured and bonded. However, movers are not required to have bonds nor should they advertise one. When you see “insured and bonded” it automatically means the company is not licensed, nor insured or bonded. They don’t know what that is and therefore post it. We do have a bond because we also do senior move management, and it is required.

Do your rates include the truck?

Yes, our hourly rate includes the truck and it is included in the quote.

Do you disassemble and assemble the furniture?

Our movers have all the necessary tools and equipment to disassemble any furniture and put it back together.

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