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1. Scope
This Privacy Policy applies to all U.S. operations of the H2H Movers, Inc., which include, but are not limited to, H2H Movers, H2H Moving, H2H Moving Company.

2. Policy Overview
This policy explains how we collect and use your personal information. This policy applies to all visitors of the site, whether as customer or potential customers, to whom we might provide products or services.

3. Source of Information
Your personal information can be obtained from serval sources in order to meet our business needs. Those sources include but are not limited to: in person communication, over the phone, by email, Web server, and/or third parties.

4. Type of Information
The information we collect includes but it is not limited to: name, email address, phone number, address of the pick-up and drop-off locations, unit number at each location, and type and quantity of the items. We may further obtain credit card or bank information for reimbursement of services provided.

5. Use of Personal Information

Product or Services: Your personal information can be used in order to provide you with an accurate estimate of the packing and/or the moving services requested. It will also allow us to improve our services and create a timely schedule for other moves.
Feedback: In order to improve our product or services, we may use your personal information to further contact you to receive feedback about our services.
Legal: In certain cases we may be required to provide your personal information to government entities for legal purposes and/or in the case of fraud. These situations require subpoenas.
Other Business: We may also share your personal information with any affiliates of H2H Movers, in order to improve our product or service.
Credit Agencies: Your account information may also be shared with credit bureaus. That information is related to any payments on your account.

6. Protecting Your Personal Information
It is our best interest to protect your personal information. For that reason, H2H Movers has taken valuable steps to avoid having this information fall into the wrong hands. Some of the steps we have taken are:

Safeguarding your electronic and paperwork information in a physical location without access to outsiders.
Having IT specialists protect our hardware and software.
All employees need to strictly follow H2H Movers Rules and Responsibilities in addition to our Record Safeguarding Policy.
Any information that is not needed is completely destroyed according to our Records Safeguarding Policy.

For your personal safety, we also advise all of our customers to protect their personal information and properly destroy it if not needed.

7. Reasonable Protection
H2H Movers provides reasonable protections to the visibility of the items carried to the truck and to other facilities. Those items are restricted to employees of H2H Movers and the customer contracting our services. Nevertheless, we are not responsible if any information placed in the shipping container is seen by a third-party during the course of the move. Moreover, we are not responsible if the items themselves are viewed by a third-party during the course of the move.

8. Cookies
H2H Movers may place cookies on your browser to assist us with certain actions. These include, but are not limited to, personalizing your information for better service and identifying your profile for efficient updating.

Any cookies placed by H2H Movers can simply be removed by going to your browser and clicking on “Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data.” Wording may differ depending on your browser.

9. Other Information Obtained
In addition, our Web server also gathers other information related to the date and time you visited the site, the pages visited, time spent on the site, the type of browser used and your IP address. We use this information for statistical purposes and other business and technical improvements.

Third-Party Internet Sites

H2H Movers may place banners or links on our site that redirect to other sites. Those links are soley for the convenience of the customer and for educational purposes. These third-party sites may or may not provide you with a privacy policy. We do not, in any way, control those third-party Internet sites and the data they obtain. When visiting those sites, you may carry a referral address, which is for the purpose of counting the traffic coming from our site.

Rights and Responsibility

H2H Movers provides you with the right to correct or remove any information provided to us. Conversely, we have the right to deny any information provided to us.


This Privacy Policy was last updated September 25, 2013. H2H Movers reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time by posting the revised policy date on our website.