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Your piano is precious to you, and moving it requires a great deal of care. Of course, any mover can take care of a bulky object鈥攂ut not every mover knows the care and treatment required to keep your piano in top notch shape when you move it from one place to another. Choose H2H Movers for your piano move鈥攐ur dedicated piano moving team has received special, specific training in how to move your piano.
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Dedicated piano moving equipment
As with all moves, when it comes to moving pianos, we have all the top grade packing supplies needed to protect your piano. We also bring padding and packing equipment that takes care of your floor and doorframes to prevent damage.聽

Moving pianos with care
Your piano requires an extremely delicate touch鈥攅ven the smallest incorrect tilt or bump can damage the instrument. Our piano-moving specialists are prepared to prevent any damage that can occur when moving a piano. You also can rest assured that we have full insurance.聽

Our trained team
We send a specialized team of four people to your piano move, so we are prepared regardless of your home layout or the size of the piano. This ensures a full team of professionals that work together to take care of your precious instrument.聽

Your piano and home
We have the proper specialized equipment and training to move pianos of all shapes and sizes, aside from grand pianos. If you have a question about your piano or home layout, don鈥檛 hesitate to call so we can problem solve with you.聽

Affordable cost
Even though piano moving is a specialized task, our low hourly and bulk-item rate still applies. So you continue to get the best possible price, but with all of the expertise from our well trained team.

Why does careful piano moving matter?聽

With H2H Movers, you can rest assured that your piano is in the best possible hands. Our trained professionals can move your piano with the proper care it requires.