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You may find yourself with a need to move from one location in a building to another. This can be a business changing locations, a person switching apartments, or a family needing furniture rearranged, or more. While it may seem easier to not involve trucks, a move is still a move! Packing and heavy lifting can still require a lot of effort and time if you try to do it yourself. Luckily, H2H Movers are professional and can lighten the burden on your same building move! We are available for everything from packing to partial packing to moving from one location to another to simple furniture rearrangement. No job is too big or small!
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Experienced with Same Building Moves

We鈥檝e done a lot of same building moves and understand how to simplify the process, saving you time and undue stress.聽

Business or office moves. Businesses often change the layout of their space, renovate and require moves in and out, or switch from one location to another within the same building. With a business, timing is everything. H2H Movers can offer swift, reliable moving services to keep you on target with your business move. We understand how to safely handle office equipment and technology and have all the proper high-grade packing materials to keep your office furniture and equipment safe. And with our affordable hourly rate, you get an efficient move that can minimize your business鈥檚 operating downtime.聽

Apartment or condominium moves. People occasionally outgrow their apartment, or have a desire to switch to a different location within the same building. While no trucks are involved, it is still a big job to handle on your own. H2H Movers are experienced with same-building moves in apartments and condos. We understand how to swiftly get you to your new space! We also are familiar with navigating apartment and condo elevators, staircases, and tight corners. Eliminate undue stress with your move and leave it to H2H Movers.聽

Furniture rearrangement. When your home needs a refresh, moving furniture around can make a big difference! Or you may be conducting a remodel and furniture needs to be temporarily moved. No job is too small to hire H2H Movers. It makes sense to hire movers for furniture rearrangement鈥攈eavy, bulky items are difficult to move on your own, and if not handled properly, you could be injured. In addition, moving large items can damage floors or walls if you don鈥檛 have the equipment or experience. H2H Movers has everything to get the job done safely, and you鈥檇 be surprised how fast we can take care of it! Plus, our affordable hourly rate can keep the cost of rearranging furniture to a minimum.聽