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Efficient Moving Services for Government Personnel
and Entities

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H2H Movers is experienced with helping government personnel and entities with their moves鈥攊ncluding everything from government office relocations to PCS moves for military personnel. We understand the need to move swiftly and efficiently to keep offices operational as much as possible, as well as the need to be secure and discreet. H2H Movers is honored to help those who serve our country in various ways!
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Government Offices and Entities.

H2H Movers is here to provide all moving services to government entities. Our trained professionals can handle customizable and comprehensive moving services to government offices and entities. Because of our history of experience handling government moves of all types, you can be sure your move will be smooth, so you can continue providing the same high level of services you offer to your constituents.

Excellent planning. H2H Movers understands that timing matters. Government services in all areas need to keep open and operational as much as possible. That鈥檚 why we plan government moves for all entities with extreme care鈥攕o we can get you up and running smoothly in your new location as swiftly as possible.

Cost savings. Our affordable hourly rate will keep your move on budget. We also understand the need to be efficient鈥攐ur team is trained to take care of your move as quickly as possible while keeping your items and equipment safe.

Secure and discreet services. We are proud to have handled all types of government entity moves. We understand the need to be discreet and professional throughout the process.

Temporary or PCS Moves for Military Personnel.

We understand that it can take up to a month to plan PCS moves for military personnel. We also know the frequent need for moves in all aspects of the military. We are here to make your moving process as smooth as possible! As always, you can expect a high level of service from our movers.

01. Safe handling of your items.

Your items are important to you, and we will take great care in packing and unpacking. We use high quality packing supplies, and our team understands that your belongings are important to you.

02. Experience with long distance moves.

If your assignment takes you from one end of the country to the other, we have it handled鈥攐n every aspect of the move. We never hire another company to handle one end of the move. Our own trained professionals will take care of getting your items from one location to another.